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Usage: how to use bookmark manager
Values - allows to filter bookmarks by price, rating, years etc
Schedule daily bookmarks
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Set expiration period for your bookmarks
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How to use bookmark manager more efficiently
How to use bookmark manager more efficiently, orginize store your bookmarks and most importantly - find them later.
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Bookmark important emails
Assosiate name of person who recomended website
Assosiate name of person who recomended website to you, it will allow you to find content faster because you will remember that there is should be website that John recomended to you or sent earlier
Fav-Links as a research tool
Fav-Links can be used as research tool in different fields. It allows to save different types of web content such as website links, screen shots, titles, organize them by grouping into categories, apply tags, upload to online account and more. It successfully used by designers, shoppers, market researchers, in different types of businesses, personal usage and other...
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How to create bookmarks
This days so many different websites and we visiting a lot of them every day. But how to create bookmarks to find what we need in the future. You can create a lot of bookmarks but without proper organizing it you will not be able to efficiently use all this cool websites you found earlier...
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Fav-Links Concept
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Create bookmark music library
Save links from popupar online music resources into own music library. Can group songs by categories, assign pictures give custom names, search songs or artists.
Can save links from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular resources.
Bookmark photo library from social networks
It's possible to create bookmark albums from social networks and not need to save photos on computer, just create thumbnails which will point to real pictures located in social networks.
You can create you own bookmark albums and save links to your friends pictures. Also you can bookmark images from flickr, panoramio and other popular resources.
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Bookmark traffic maps and driving directions.
Create Maps category to save traffic stats for certain regions.
Bookmark favorite products.
Bookmark, compare and buy later favorite products.
Bookmark cars for sale.
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Bookmark recipes and keep them in categories.
How to bookmark content
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