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Free Bookmark Manager
Fav-Links is a free personal bookmark manager which helps user to organize bookmarks more efficiently by visualizing and tagging them. It works independently from browsers, has hot keys combination, keeps history of your last visits, ability to archive links, open bookmarks with different browsers, analytic reports, sync to web, ability to search bookmarks by keywords, set expiration period, ability to open content in overlapped windows and more. Short demonstration video
Fav-Links: Free Bookmark Manager
 Application can be used for different purposes such as researching, shopping, banking, education, work, articles for future reading, photos from social networks, favorite receipts, favorite restaurants, confirmation letters, important email messages etc.
 Fav-Links "Slides" allows to print screen and save certain areas of web content such as confirmation numbers, receipts, images or other things can be instantly saved. All content can be synced to online account to access from other places.
 How to bookmark content more effectively
 Most important idea of all this is not how to save but how to find what we are looking for. When we surf through internet we bookmark content that we like and later even we added this to our bookmarks it very hard to find it from all tons of other bookmarks.
Bookmark Manager More Effective
 Bookmark important emails
Bookmark Manager More Effective
 Save receipts and confirmation pages as a print screen
Save receipts instantly for own records
 Assign name of person who sent you web page
 It will allow you to find bookmarks faster in the future by searching for name of person who recommended you web page
Assign name of person who sent you web page
 Find bookmarks by domain name
Search by domain name
 Research cars for sale
Research cars for sale
 Values- greate way to research market, you can assign price values, rating, years and more, and then filter content by range
 For example "BMW: 3000-8000" this filter will find bookmark with BMW keyword and select those with values between 3000-8000
Research cars for sale
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And remember - "A picture is worth a thousand words"
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